5 Ways SD-WAN Simplifies Networking

In today’s technological environment, SD-WAN is the preferred way to get the most you can out of your WAN while simplifying your network at the same time. It helps by providing your company with more intuitive management, more flexibility, and improved performance. In addition, with SD-WAN’s as-a-service model (pay for what you use), you may enjoy potential cost savings as well. Read on to discover more about the ways SD-WAN simplifies networking and simultaneously improves your company’s efficiencies.

1. Centralizes Management

With SD-WAN, your network management is fully centralized. Therefore, if you want to apply changes across your company, you can do so quickly with just a couple clicks. This functionality is especially helpful if you are an organization with several locations or branches. SD-WAN’s intelligence helps to simplify your management since you are controlling everything from a single platform. Additionally, you have real-time visibility into your applications’ and network’s performance.

2. Improves Applications Performance

Seeing your real-time applications’ performance is helpful, but how does SD-WAN improve it? Too often poor link quality reduces your productivity and increases your frustration. SD-WAN assists in alleviating these problems by choosing the best connection available for each of your applications and then optimizing traffic to avoid outages. Having a reliable network performance helps to simplify and improve your users’ experience.

3. Provides Automation

In addition to finding the best connection available, SD-WAN also provides network managers with automation capabilities too. Managers can pre-configure and create dynamic responses based on network traffic conditions. For example, an SD-WAN automatic response could include allowing applications to quickly switch from one link to another if it is congested. And because everything is centralized, these responses can be deployed across your entire organization if necessary.

4. Consolidates Your Infrastructure

If you don’t have SD-WAN, you probably have complex and cluttered infrastructures at each of your branches or locations (firewalls, routers, WAN path controllers, etc.). In addition to the complexity of managing all of these different components, it is also costly to buy and maintain them as well. With SD-WAN, you can simplify your network and save money since you don’t need a firewall/router configuration, or to purchase expensive hardware to make the switch.

5. Increases Security

Manually setting up secure networks for your organization can leave room for human error, and they also take quite a bit of time. Additionally, without SD-WAN, you need to monitor all of your hardware consistently too. On the other hand, when you have SD-WAN, your network traffic is continuously monitored, so your IT department can identify and respond to any security attacks quickly. SD-WAN also simplifies your company’s network and provides more security since there is less hardware to maintain, and it doesn’t require manual configurations that can put your business at risk for cyber-attacks.

In a world where everything is interconnected (devices, applications, and people), we rely on our computer networks to help everything function together smoothly. SD-WAN allows your company to simplify its infrastructure, save money, and evolve to meet ever-changing demands. Cloud Phone Nation specializes in helping companies just like yours find optimal technology solutions like SD-WAN to improve their efficiencies. If you’d like more information on how SD-WAN can benefit your company, please contact us today.