Integrating UCaaS with Video Calls

Integrating video calls with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) improves the collaborative capabilities of your business communication is a simplistic way. And since there is no need to purchase expensive equipment, it can also help save your business money. There are many ways that you can utilize a UCaaS for your video calls - from hosting a digital meeting to conducting a webinar to holding a training session and more. Let’s explore how easy it is to video call with a UCaaS and some of the benefits of using unified communications for your company.

Allows You to Discuss Important Topics Face-to-Face

Sometimes, when you want to discuss specific topics a text or phone call isn’t enough. When you need to converse about something face-to-face, using video calling for a digital meeting enables you to communicate on a deeper and more personal level by using your body language as well as your voice. It is also easier to decode non-verbal communication through video, and it promotes a more natural feel to the overall conversation. Plus, when you have UCaaS, your video calling features may enable you to reduce the amount of business travel that is necessary to accomplish your goals.

Improves Overall Communication

Using UCaaS for video calls also improves comprehensive dialoguing amongst all of your digital meeting participants no matter where they are. It significantly expands the entire concept of business meetings to include not only your nationwide employees but your global team members as well. With the reliability of UCaaS, video calling makes communicating across the country (or world) as easy as stopping by a coworker’s desk in your office.

Another advantage of video calls is that your participants will be encouraged to engage fully with the conversation and are less likely to multitask during the meeting. That makes it easier to get your points across and allows projects to get accomplished more efficiently and with greater focus.

Provides Efficient Scheduling Methods

If you are currently using stand-alone applications for video calling, UCaaS can help you take it up to the next level. UCaaS transmits video through HD, includes unlimited calling, and integrates well your calendar and other scheduling apps (making it easy to share information and to schedule your video calls). When you use UCaaS for your video calls and digital meetings, you can feel assured knowing that it is purposely designed with today’s multidimensional workforce in mind. Also, when you have a UCaaS, one of the best things is that you only pay for what you use!

How The Cloud Truth Can Help You Integrate a UCaaS with Your Video Calls

With UCaaS, it is simple to communicate and collaborate from any device and from anywhere in the world. Integrating a UCaaS with your video calls provides you with the security and reliability to conduct a safe and dependable digital meeting on an easy to use platform. The Cloud Truth has over 13 years of experience in helping companies just like yours find optimal and affordable communications solutions to meet their needs. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us today.