The Top 10 Benefits of Working with a Cloud Communications Advisor

Choosing the right communications solutions for your company can keep you competitive, increase your productivity, and promote collaboration. However, with all the choices out there, making decisions on which ones to select can be overwhelming. Working with a Cloud Communication Advisor can help you confidently decide on the best ones for your company. Below are the Top 10 Benefits of working with a CCA:   

  • They Are Experts in Technology – Cloud Communications Advisors are experts in their field and know all about the latest next-generation technologies. You will always be aware of the “new advancements” and can decide if they would benefit your company.   

  • They Save You Time – CCA’s save you time by quickly eliminating the clutter, and by proposing solutions based on your needs. You won’t have to spend hours vetting multiple providers and negotiating contracts.

  • They Show All Your Options – Working with a CCA gives you access to unlimited carrier options. Your advisor can show you all the different technologies available for your business and develop a Custom Selected Cloud Solution designed specifically for you.

  • They Don’t Have Sales Quotas – When you go directly to a carrier (instead of using a CCA) you will be dealing with a sales representative that has goals they need to meet. Whereas, it’s a myth that your trusted Cloud Communications Advisor has a sales quota.

  • They are Your Advocate – CCA’s work for you – not the carriers. They develop long-term relationships with their clients and can make provider changes if its advantageous for your company. They are always on your side.

  • They Speed Up Your Downtime – When you select the right Cloud Communications Advisor, you will have additional protection from downtime. Top carriers provide faster trouble ticket resolution, and you’ll have the assurance that your data is safe.

  • They Find Solutions Right for You – A Cloud Communications Advisor can objectively help you find the best options from an array of providers. They are non-biased and can make solid recommendations on solutions based on your company’s objectives and goals.   

  • They Encourage Vendor Competition – Cloud Communications Advisors develop strong working relationships with various providers. Since carriers know that CCA’s are looking to get the best deal for their clients (and that there are multiple options), they are more inclined to negotiate.

  • They Save You Money – Cloud Communication Advisors can help save you money since there are no upfront costs on infrastructure and you only pay for what you need. When you know your cloud communications are in good hands, you can focus your time, energy, and resources on growing your business.

  • They Educate You – As your CCA shares and explores communications options with you, you will learn so much about exciting new ways you can do business. As you become more educated, you’ll be able to elevate your operational processes along the way.   

The Cloud Truth is a trusted cloud communications company with 13 years of experience in delivering exceptional solutions for businesses just like yours. For more information on how we can help your organization, please contact us today.

Tim Conti

Tim Conti has over 23 years experience in the technology field working for industry leaders MCI, Nortel Networks, CDW, Shoretel, and 8x8. Tim graduated from the J. Warren McClure School of Communications Systems Management and received his MBA both from Ohio University. Over his 23 year career, Tim has helped his Customers navigate through disruption and constant change in the technology industry Frame Relay to MPLS, MPLS to IP, and the "Cloud."

Since 2005, Tim has worked exclusively in the UCaaS market working for the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders. His team has implemented hundreds of UCaaS engagements in every vertical market for his Customers, making him an expert in his field. Tim and his team created the first UCaaS Matrix 1.0, real-world analysis of the UCaaS landscape which helped early adopters evaluate, and migrate from on-premise to a hosted UC model.